Contemporary garden fencing

Garden fencing is not seen as just a boundary between neighbours anymore.  It is now considered the frame that holds the picture of your garden in place.  Here are just some of the non-traditional full slat fences that are available.

Gabion Fence: These are large metal baskets filled with sustainable materials like wood and stone.

Bamboo Fence: As the name suggests, these fences are made from Bamboo.  Bamboo can turn any garden into a Zen paradise and requires little maintenance.

Trellis Fencing: Trellis is an interwoven lattice design and can be used to separate your garden, train plants up or hanging lights.  These see-through fences don’t give you any privacy but are pleasant to look at.

Woven Panel Fencing: A contemporary look to the classic fence panel is made by weaving thin strips of wood around three vertical battens.