Different Roller Garage Door Product Lines

When it comes to garage doors, one of the best types you can get your hand on is a roller shutter garage door. These are usually made from thin slats of aluminium that are slotted together in order to create a solid sheet. Thanks to this construction, the slat are able to decompress and when the door is drawn in, allowing the door to roll up. This results in the product to take up a very limited amount of space, which is important when you’re talking about a garage door, after all, a garage is one of the most important places in a home for storage space. We all store stuff in our garages, whether it’s just random junk, tools, or a vehicle. Anyway, when it comes to garage doors, a number of businesses are responsible for developing different roller shutter products, and we’re going to share with you some of the key differences that you can expect from which brand. The products that are available of the roller shutter type are quite diverse in terms of their functionality, so hopefully you will find the information useful.

The first brand we’ll be taking a look at is the roller shutters produced under the Hormann company. The Hormann company are a world leading manufacturer in this space, producing garage door and industrial door products along with a bunch of other stuff. The Hormann company produces roller shutters under the brand, rollmatic, and has aimed for producing products under this brand that are of the highest quality, using their tried and tested technology. As a consequence of this, Hormann rollmatic roller shutters usually cost upwards of £1000, however, you get what you’re paying for with a rollmatic door. They usually come equipped with insulation, as well as the Hormann mainstay of a low voltage motor in order to operate the automatic electrical opener. Their electric garage doors are one of the best on the market, known for operating at low cost, offering exceptional reliability, often with a guarantee of up to 7 years or your money back, and for being exceptionally quiet as well.

Another company that produces roller shutter doors is SWS. SWS are known for their signature brand, seceuroglide, which is the main focus of their business. They are also known for being one of the leading manufacturers of window security shutters, which relies on the same technology used in their roller shutters, only on a smaller scale. Their focus is on providing high security with their roller shutters, which is a worthwhile feature to focus on. One of the main focusses of home break-ins is gaining access to a garage, as thieves can potentially gain access to your vehicle by doing so. Placing your vehicle within a secure garage can potentially reduce your risk of having your car stolen by as much as fifty percent. Besides the security features that the seceuroglide brand offers, you can also expect to get high quality insulation and electrical motors and remote control access as well. As a result of the engineering of these products, they definitely wind up firmly on the higher end of the scale in terms of costs, and you should expect to pay as much for a seceuroglide door as a Hormann roller shutter.

Lastly you have the Gliderol company that is also focussed on producing roller shutter doors. Gliderol, as with SWS, have focussed mostly on engineering roller shutter garage doors. They began business over thirty years ago, and approached the matter of garage doors from an engineering standpoint, making quality of their products the highest priority. Their electric garage doors are produced with high quality motors of varying electrical output, which means that you can balance the noise they produce with the speed that you want opening and closing of the electric garage doors. Their Gliderol doors are also more diverse than the brands of other companies, as they produce items for both the high end and the low end of the market. Their higher end products compete directly with seceuroglide and Hormann, whereas their lower end products can be bought with as little as £400, however you lose the electric garage doors component, such as the electrical motor and the remote control panel that many install in cars. You will also lose the insulation that many value from their garage door. As a result, some Gliderol roller shutters are manually operated, which can make them less convenient to a certain extent, but they are very light weight and easily replaced from a financial perspective.