Side-Hinged Garage Doors and the Benefits They Offer

UK homeowners have quite a variety of uses for their garages these days, such as extra living space, a home office, a gym or a workshop, alongside the typical uses such as storage or vehicle protection. Regardless of what option you have chosen, garages are often considered a security vulnerability, for theft. Side-hinged garage doors not only can be a very secure option, but also offer several other benefits.

Side-Hinged Benefits

Excellent security
These doors typically come with better locks and the option for multiple locks, over the standard up and over door

Easy Operation
They provide easy pedestrian access without having to put your whole garage on show and whilst being easy on your back as there is no need to bend over or lift the door

These doors are Made to Measure for that perfect, customisable fit

Minimal maintenance
As these door have no complex mechanisms, they require less maintenance

Additional Internal Space
Since there is no internal tracking or mechanisms with this type of door, so they do not take up any garage space

Kerb appeal
Side-hinge garage doors look very smart and modern, adding to the beauty of your home

Garage Flooring Upgrades

Is your garage floor looking a little worse for wear or no longer suitable for its purpose? The two main ways for upgrading your garage flooring is to either use a coating or some sort of covering. The option you choose will most likely depend on how you utilise your garage and the amount you are willing to spend upgrading the flooring.

Coating options will typically involve the use of either paint or epoxy and may require the floor being repaired prior, if there is significant damage. Paint and Epoxy will adhere to the concrete slab, with the main difference between the two, being from a chemical and performance standpoint. True epoxy (not to be confused as epoxy paint) gives a more durable and long-lasting finish. Concrete floor paint can give your garage floor new life and is designed to be durable and resistant to damage from solvents, salts and other caustic materials.

The other option is floor coverings like tiles or mats which have been specifically designed for garages and can be used when the concrete is cracked or hard to repair. These coverings can be moved or removed when necessary. Floor tiles for garages are typically interlocking rigid or semi-rigid plastic, rubber or wood composite which tend to be more durable than vinyl tiles more commonly used in other living spaces. This method is easier and can include roll-out mats made of rubber or polyvinyl plastic. There are a variety of these and they are usually easy to clean and resilient.

Garage Security

Garages are often seen as a weak point, security wise, and in the UK, are typically used for storage or extra living space and less often used for vehicle storage. Regardless of the space’s usage, garages will usually contain high value items that need protecting. This is even more important if the garage provides access into the home. In order to keep stored valuables and/or your home safe, you should use these methods to improve your garage security:

• A home Security system (especially a monitored one) is a great deterrent for theft, especially when advertised on the exterior of your home.

• Ensuring your security system includes security of the garage and not just the house.

• Exterior motion-operated lights are an additional way to keep your property safe and less appealing to thieves.

• Video Door bells that notify you of motion at your door that link to mobile and allow you to see and speak through the device are becoming quite popular.

• Ensuring garage windows are locked and secured is also important. You can have these obscured so that light still gets through but people will not be able to see inside. You can also invest in window bars.

Getting the Most Out of Your Garage Door

It is imperative that you keep your garage door in good working order, for several reasons. One being that it will save you money in the long run by prolonging the door’s life. Another important reason is that by keeping your garage door in good condition, it will be more secure which helps discourage theft. A couple tips to ensure that you are getting the most from your garage door are:

• Make sure you purchase a door that is made from the best materials. Do not look at this as an expense, it is an investment that will be responsible for protecting the contents of your garage.

• Regularly check that the surfaces of the moving parts of your garage door are clean and free of dirt and grime to ensure optimal performance. Be sure to check the railing, tracks and rollers.

• Don’t forget to lubricate the moving parts, with a rust protecting oil, on occasion to help keep them functioning smoothly. Do not over-oil as this will attract dirt.

• Attend to any damage or maintenance as soon as you can to prevent additional issues.

Keeping Moisture Out of Your Garage

Dampness in garages is a very common issue home owners tend to face and there are a few different reasons this may be happening. Finding and fixing these issues should be high on your to-do list to protect any items stored in your garage and prevent mould.

A rising dampness typically is visual moisture on the lower parts of the walls and floor. This is due to moisture rising from the ground. Most newer properties have a water proof barrier and membrane under the flooring so this could be damaged. In older homes, it may not have sufficient waterproofing on the floor so you can consider calling a professional to assess the best options.

A penetrating dampness can happen in any part of the garages and is typically do to waterproofing damage in a specific area. This could be due to damaged guttering, missing tiles or bricks losing their waterproof coating. Corners and joints are also common problem areas. Identifying and remedying the weakness, should solve the problem.

Condensation is another way moisture may be present and is typically prevalent in environments that are not properly ventilated. Installing an extractor fan or regularly airing out your garage could significantly reduce the amount of dampness you experience.

Other ways of keeping out moisture, are ensuring any windows are double glazed and by drying any wet items before storing them in your garage, including vehicles.

What to do if you find a leak in your garage roof

Although a leak in a garage roof luckily isn’t a common occurrence it can, unfortunately, happen at any time, it could be due to poor workmanship, faulty materials, or mother nature. As soon as you spot a leak in your garage roof you should aim to deal with it as quickly as possible. Leaving it could make matters worse and expensive to fix in the long run. The damage is likely to spread each day and you could end up with mould, mildew, and rot.

You should ideally hire a professional to come to take a look and determine what is causing the leak, finding the cause is crucial to fully fixing it and preventing further damage. If you decide to fix the damaged area yourself then you must consider waterproofing the whole roof. Treating your whole roof is a sure way to ensure that all of the damaged areas are covered especially as some damage may not be visible to the naked eye.

Choosing a colour for your garage door

When choosing a colour for your garage door, most people decide to go with a neutral colour such as white, black or grey but there are some out there who decide they want to go for a bright colour such a red, orange or yellow.

Picking the right colour door really does make an impact on the exterior of your home so it is a big decision to make. Choosing a bright colour for your door it can speak volumes about who you are as a person and can show you are full of character. Many choose to go for a sleek modern colour which is pleasing to more people.

If you are choosing to revamp your garage door rather than purchase a new one, you may want to consider calling in a professional. Regardless of what colour you choose for your garage door, having a shoddy finish can ruin your whole home’s exterior. A garage can add serious value to your home if it is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden garage doors – yes or no?

You finally have a new garage or its time to replace your worn-out garage door, you now need to make the big decision of what material door you want. There are several different options to choose from but you’ve fallen in love with wooden garage doors.

Is wood a good material for garage doors?

In short answer yes! Wooden doors are beautiful and authentic, many choose this option to keep their garage looking great amongst their home design. They are hard-wearing but don’t last as long as other material options and they do need frequent upkeep to ensure they remain aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden doors although stunning carry a hefty price tag, if the cost is a factor you may want to consider wooden composite doors. These will give you the look you long for without the price tag.

Garage storage ideas

Over time some garages can become very cluttered and disorganised. Many people tend to think out of site out of mind but at some point, you will need to tackle and organise your garage. This can seem a daunting task but shouldn’t be. Garages tend to be a space which can be completely full of storage solutions.

– Vertical shelving is a must. With so much wall space it is a great storage solution idea to use lots of shelving where possible. If you cannot hang shelves you can purchase metal shelving.

– Track systems for awkward shape items such as garden tools & ladders is an easy solution to store them all.

– Hooks come in all different sizes which means you can hang most things on the wall creating more floor space.

– A work station – this can optimise space and keep all of your tools in one area. You can buy tool boxes, trays etc. You can also add labels to ensure everything is kept in order.

Garage Flooring

Garages tend to be a space that is prone to spills, debris and heavy wear and tear due to vehicles coming in and out. Choosing the right flooring to sustain its aesthetic and be up to the job for its purpose can be tricky. There are several different options;

Vinyl tiles – these require adhesive to lay and although look great they are prone to allowing leaks and debris through the gaps. It is best to ensure these are laid correctly to sustain durability.

Regular tiles – these are hardwearing and tend to have a long-life span making them a perfect option. But they can easily be chipped or damaged if you were to drop heavy equipment – so always buy an extra pack as spares.

Polished Concrete – Most choose this option as it is inexpensive and highly resistant. You can use specialist paint to bring some colour in to your garage.