Side-Hinged Garage Doors and the Benefits They Offer

UK homeowners have quite a variety of uses for their garages these days, such as extra living space, a home office, a gym or a workshop, alongside the typical uses such as storage or vehicle protection. Regardless of what option you have chosen, garages are often considered a security vulnerability, for theft. Side-hinged garage doors not only can be a very secure option, but also offer several other benefits.

Side-Hinged Benefits

Excellent security
These doors typically come with better locks and the option for multiple locks, over the standard up and over door

Easy Operation
They provide easy pedestrian access without having to put your whole garage on show and whilst being easy on your back as there is no need to bend over or lift the door

These doors are Made to Measure for that perfect, customisable fit

Minimal maintenance
As these door have no complex mechanisms, they require less maintenance

Additional Internal Space
Since there is no internal tracking or mechanisms with this type of door, so they do not take up any garage space

Kerb appeal
Side-hinge garage doors look very smart and modern, adding to the beauty of your home