Garage Renovation – Is it worth it?

Garage’s are very often seen as just a place to store your car or a dumping ground for anything that doesn’t have a home elsewhere. Others have grander visions for a garage, a workspace or extra living space. Will it add value to your home? Maybe! While a playroom for the kids’ home office for yourself may attract some buyers, plenty will be put off. So what improvements could you make to add value? 

Start by installing a functional garage door. A door that requires muscle to open isn’t going to suit many homebuyers.

If you have an attached garage make sure the walls and ceiling are insulated but also vented to stop any carbon monoxide seeping into the house from the exhaust fumes. 

It’s fine to use your garage for storage, but cluttering it will make it look smaller to potential buyers. Some good-quality shelving/racking and storage boxes will keep things organised and show the true size of your garage.