Converting Existing Garage Doors to Electric

One thing many garage owners may be wondering is, if they can convert their existing garage door to an electric one. This can be tricky to answer and depends on a few factors.

Determining Factors for Electric Garage Door Conversion:

• Existing Garage Door Condition- this is one of the biggest factors for if the garage door can be converted, as it needs to be able to move freely and easily, without wobbling. Certain aspects can be repaired which could make your garage door eligible.

• The Garage Door Operation Type- most up and over types can be automated but if your garage door is a canopy door (meaning it extends out past the front of the garage when open) then it will need an additional ‘bow-arm’ device for the conversion.

• The Internal Structure of the Garage- there needs to be enough headroom, power in the garage and no obstruction such as lintels passing through the garage that will get in the way of the motor.

These are the main factors that would determine if you could automate your existing garage door. The best thing to do is get a professional to come out for a survey of the garage, to advise you.